What you should and shouldn’t do when selling and buying at the same time.

What should you make sure to avoid when selling your home this year? Most of the time, when you need to sell a home, you also need to buy another one. If you wait to work on your current home until the property that you love appears on the market, you will find yourself in a bad spot because you haven’t done anything to prepare for the sale of your home. 

If this happens, you can either pass up on the house because you’re not in a position to buy or rush your home to the market and cut corners for the sake of time. However, an offer that is contingent on the sale of your ill-prepared home isn’t attractive to buyers, so what can you do instead? 

“It's always better to be prepared.”

If you know that selling is in your future and you have to sell to buy the next one, prepare now. Let us come into your house and help you get it ready. We can bring our stager in, get your house ready, and take pictures for marketing your property. That way, all you have to do when you’re ready to sell is push a button, and then your home is active on the market. You can cut all of the prep work and be as strong as you possibly can be when presenting an offer to the sellers of the house you want to buy. 

It’s always better to be prepared and limit your options. We can help you get the best deal on the homes that you’re selling and buying. Call or email us if you have any real estate questions; we’d love to connect with you.